Tafta Inc is a not for profit organisation .

Founded in 2014 by Larissa Murdock and Bronwyn Packwood for the promotion of the creative arts community.

Geelong Fibre Forum will be held on the

1st October to 7th  Oct, 2017,

at Geelong Grammar, Corio.

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What's on offer?

Tafta Inc presents a week-long retreat for artists, craftsperson and like minded individuals to come and create with tutors of their choice.

‘The Geelong FORUM has really been the most wonderful way to develop as a teacher - not only being a student and then understanding more of where the students come from, but also developing all those skills.... from kite making to felting to bead making and sublimation - almost everything has ended up in my classroom as part of the curriculum. And attending all those Geelong Forums has made me the teacher I am today with so much versatility in what I can do and offer’.”

Linda Gallus, Textiles teacher at Geelong College.  

The Geelong Fibre Forum has been running for over 15 years at the Geelong Grammar Campus, Corio.

The forum retreat runs Monday to Friday from 9am - 4pm  and Saturday morning Open Day 9-12pm.  

The forum offers  residential or non-residential options. The cost for non-residential includes lunches every day and tutor fees.

The cost for residential includes all accommodation (single or shared), meals from Sunday night through to Saturday breakfast, and tutor fees.

Tafta Inc is proud to be one of the sponsors of Common Threads Wearable Art 2017, held in Mandurah, WA.

The Tafta Inc award is for extravagant, revolutionary, provocative wearable art using traditional fibres or textiles in an original and creative way.

Check out www.mandurah.wa.gov.au/wearableart for more information about the competition.


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Geelong Grammar

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Corio VIC 3214




PO Box 2395

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