Suzanne Gummow - Quilt Experiments


Creativity is a constant cycle

We play, edit, refine and create

In this workshop you will experiment, play and build up layers upon layers using quilting, stitching, fabric and paper collage, repurposing and texture. 

Every day you will be creating 2D 30cm square pieces. You will start by building a base structure of ‘quilt-like’ squares with collage and stitching then you will continue to build up these using line, colour, shape and texture. These will be your “canvas” for reorganizing and repurposing – removing and adding and repositioning these elements. These will be directed exercises to increase your creative juices and the continual layering will transform your work. We will discuss and create text to be added into your work using different methods. All these exercises can be used in your future works.

You will learn new techniques, design elements and discover unexpected combinations and constraints. This may give you a new direction in your future works.


It will be a challenge to your creative self and I promise it will be FUN so join me…

 This class is for you!!



Skill level required: Students will need to have experience with sewing and with their sewing machine

Residential  Shared $109o

(All meals included)

Residential  Single $1190

Non- residential $690

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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