Hanny Newton - Adventures in Goldwork

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Discover a creative approach to goldwork embroidery. Hanny will show the fundamentals of this beautiful craft and open up a world of possibilities to experiment with and explore. 

This workshop gives embroiderers of varied abilities the opportunity to explore the potentials of goldwork. Students will build a series of hand embroidered samples and small pieces which can become a ‘tool kit’ of techniques. More extended experimentation opportunities will be provided as the week progresses to further enhance artworks and creativity.

Hanny’s goldwork embroidery workshops are a balance of technique and experimentation – she likes to leave plenty of ‘breathing space’ for you to find your own response to the historical techniques of goldwork. 

She teaches the foundations of techniques and a method of experimentation which allows you to find your own approach and feel you have ownership over how you use the technique.

Residential  Shared $1120 + $80 International Fee

Residential  Single $1220 + $80 International Fee

(All meals included)

Non- residential $720 + $80 International Fee

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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