Joanna Powell Colbert - Making Magic: Spirit Dolls and Tarot Talismans

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Let’s make magic! Together, we'll draw the blessings of health, prosperity, love, and more into our lives through the creation of Spirit Dolls and Tarot Talismans. 

 Using fibre, wax, beads, charms, crystals, torn up tarot cards, and items from the natural world like sticks, shells, stones, herbs, and feathers, we’ll have a grand time making these magical objects. We’ll make encaustic prayer beads too, with blessings and affirmations written into each one. 

You'll have the freedom to explore creating different kinds of talismans — necklaces, wrist wraps, decorative objects to hang in a window, or tiny ones to tuck into a wallet. You can make more than one Spirit Doll too … perhaps one to celebrate the coming season, or one to call in healing, or a Wild Woman spirit doll to shake a few things loose in your life!

 As you create a spirit doll or talisman with repetitive movements of tying, stitching, and binding, murmuring prayers and mantras as you go, you align yourself with a lineage of grandmothers and ancient ones before you who did the same. As you make your magical object, you'll meditate on your intention and listen for guidance. The doll or talisman will hold that energy for you. It will be a reminder of a promise you’ve made to yourself. 

 Art heals. Art opens a door. 

 For every act of creation is an act of magic.

Skill level required:  All levels welcome.

Residential  Shared $1120 + $80 International Fee

Residential  Single $1220 + $80 International Fee

(All meals included)

Non- residential $720 + $80 International Fee

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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