Mirjam Aigner - Its all about print

Surface Design is a lot of fun with an individual outcome.

To get us started, we may have a photo that brings back great memories, a letter from someone special or a quote that you like for printing onto your own natural fibre fabrics.  Perhaps bring a small object from home or something you have found and appeals to you.  

 There are practical technical principals for making prints onto fabrics, an open creative class invites the participant to be engaged and embrace each day a new technique.

 Easy to follow instructions practiced together with design in mind to get us going into the world of Print with the various outcomes of mx dyes [paste] or ink paste onto natural fibres. 

Have you ever created a Thermafax Screen or attempted a reverse print?  Sharing ideas, playing with colour as they mingle onto your fabrics controlled or otherwise? 

Scraping your mx thickened dye mixing your colours on fabric, wet or dry.  Hand or Machine Stitching to give your work Direction, after bonding your silk organza, creating a new pallet of colour giving you the opportunity to use your Thermofax Screen to strengthening your creative voice. 

And if you do not feel like stitching, I will show you a way of hanging your work [nearly] without a stitch.

 A framed piece of surface design artwork will be achieved during this course, a booklet of references to “It’s all about Print”, with plenty of your own created fabrics to keep you going at home feeling confident to combine all elements learned during this course.

Residential  Shared $1120 + $80 International Fee

Residential  Single $1220 + $80 International Fee

(All meals included)

Non- residential $720 + $80 International Fee

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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