Natalya Brashovetska - These boots are made for walking

Natalya teaches not only how to create various models of felted boots based on one pattern, but she also teaches master skills of classic shoe maker adapted to felted boots, thus creating felted orthopaedic shoes. This involves creating felted shoes with a good level of foot support, having inner soles and stiff shoe back (heel box). This is a complex shoe making technique, but it is most solid way to make felted shoes, which have been tested by many of Natalya's clients during many years.

Students will learn:

1.       how to take measurements and build the template;

2.      how to use this pattern for the production of various models of boots      in the future;

3.       how to make boots with laces, which is a more complex model, and based on this knowledge, the students easy then can make other models of shoes. Explanations on this will be given during the class.

Skill level required: Basic Wet Felting Knowledge Required

Student Requirement List 

Class Fee $630

Residential  Shared $650

Residential  Single $750

(All meals included)

Non- residential $230

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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