Dawn Edwards - Inspired by Nature…Felt and Nuno-Felt Hats & Ruffle Scarves

Black feathered hatConch Shell FascinatorEdwards Dawn Beaded Nuno Felted Cloche hats on black backgroundEdwards_Dawn felt cowl and 20s inspired hatEdwards_Dawn felt cowl close upEdwards_Dawn Rose Hat (2) (1024x683)Edwards_Dawn Tree Fungus Hat (683x1024)Pinecone Hat B (683x1024)

The natural world is a great source of inspiration for many of us. Whether that inspiration be in the form of colour, texture, or organic shapes such as flowers, leaves, tree bark, pinecones, icicles, or even colorful tree fungus, nature provides a vast realm of inspiration for our hat and scarf designs. During our felt exploration, there will be ample time for experimentation, as well as inspiration, as we create fabulous felt and nuno-felt hats, berets, and perhaps even a crown, as well as creating beautiful matching scarves, if you so choose. We will focus on techniques, patterns, and concepts…using both open and closed resists (and some using multiple resists)…to design our sculptural felt creations. Such a dilemma…So many hat styles and only one head! Which will you choose? Fun, whimsical, or classic? The choice is yours.


Skill level required:  All levels welcome

Please note there is an additional International Tutor Fee of $80.

Residential  Shared $109o

(All meals included)

Residential  Single $1190

Non- residential $690

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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