Fiona Hammond - Creative Coiling for Colour and Form

 Through practical experience of several coiling techniques, find your creative voice with cord, fibre and raffia. In this workshop you will experiment with figure-8 coiling, regular coiling and coiling with buttonhole stitch to create one or more pieces—from bowls, baskets and platters to sculptural forms, jewellery and wall-hung artworks.

Explore techniques to add voids and distort shapes in your creations. Incorporate items such as natural materials, beads, art yarns, fabric, buttons or other treasures into your work if desired. Use of colour is made possible by working with various colourful wrapping materials—particularly tapestry wool, other yarns and coloured raffia. Participants can use as much or as little colour as they desire.

By trying out a variety of wrapping and core materials, participants will have the opportunity to choose which methods and materials best suit their aesthetic preferences.

Techniques covered in the workshop:

 Methods and benefits of using a variety of core materials for coiling—raffia, cotton-covered cord, foam-covered wire

 How to start and finish the coil

  How to join in new wrapping materials (yarns, raffia, etc.)

  How to vary the diameter of the core materials if desired

Incorporating beads or other adornments in the coiling: at the start, end or during the coiling process

  Figure-8 coiling technique

  Regular coiling technique

  Using buttonhole stitch when coiling

  Creating voids within the coiled forms

  Creating distortions in the coiled forms 

Skill level required:  All levels welcome

Residential  Shared $1090

(All meals included)

Residential  Single $1190

Non- residential $690

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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