Holly McQuillan - Zero Waste Fashion


Starting with a simple introduction to zero waste garment design participants will gain skills over 4 days enabling them to make a range of zero waste garments from a simple tshirt/tunic to more complex garments. The first 2 days use the Make/Use approach (makeuse.nz) to introduce participants to zero waste form making in an accessible way, progressing to approaches which use more advanced zero waste approaches; from abstract form making on the body, drape for zero waste, to the careful nesting of pattern pieces to achieve desired fit. A range of zero waste garment design techniques will be demonstrated and participants can either copy in their own fabrics or develop their own design in response. Participants should expect to gain an understanding of zero waste design, that they can advance further through their own practice.


Participants skill level should start at a basic understanding of using a sewing machine –but those with advanced skill levels are welcome. The first two days are appropriate for any skill level, while the last two days can be tailored depending on how complex the participants wishes to make the design. Pattern cutting skills are useful but not required as you can opt to keep your design simple.


Skill level required:  All levels welcome

Please note there is an additional International Tutor Fee of $80.

Residential  Shared $109o

(All meals included)

Residential  Single $1190

Non- residential $690

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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