Martien van Zuilen - Felt Treasure Nests and Vessels – Forms and Surfaces in the Third Dimension

3.Martien_van_ Zuilen_One for Every Day of the Week (Treasure Nests) 2013_1 - Copy 4a. Martien van Zuilen_Coiled Vessel4b. Martien van Zuilen_small felt and coiled vessels (hand-dyed fine merino wool and waxed linen) 6. Martien van Zuilen_2006_ 'Treasure Nest' (Copper) 9. Martien van Zuilen_Felted Platter 2018

In this class we will create a series of unique vessels, pods and treasure nests while exploring distinctive qualities for surface design in handmade, three-dimensional felt.  

The focus is two-fold; you will learn diverse felting techniques to create well finished 3-D sculpted forms and gain in-depth understanding of felt-specific surface design methods implemented at different times throughout the felting process. These include fibre blending, pattern inlay and shadowing, loops and spikes, folds and ripples, pockets and resists, carving and holes, textural stitching, novelty fabrics and yarns. 

After creating our felted vessels, further embellishing techniques will include felt cording, coiling, printing, looping and silk papermaking to adorn and enhance the artworks. This is an explorative and fun class, designed to broaden your skills and knowledge about the potential of textures and surface design in 3-D felted forms. 


All levels of experience are welcome!

Residential  Shared $1120

Residential  Single $1220

(All meals included)

Non- residential $720

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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