Mary Hettmansperger -  New Directions for Surface Embellishment – Fiber, paper, Fabric, Jewelry, Basketry and more!

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 This workshop is packed full of new ideas and directions for many disciplines in Art.  Metal work, weaving techniques, and a variety of surface embellishments and design applications will all be covered.  Students have the option of applying the techniques to make jewelry, Paper and book Arts, Fabric and Art quilts, Mixed media and collage, or Sculpture and Basketry.  The focus of the class will be to introduce and incorporate low tech metal smith techniques, weaving, paper and collage, encaustic and a variety of surfaces, that can cross over to be used in many disciplines of artwork.  Students will use sheet metals, screens, wires, linens, papers, fibers, paints, wax, clay, plaster, natural materials, recycled materials and found objects (basically anything) to create their individual artwork.  Nails, nuts and bolts, brads, eyelets, rivets, concrete, wax, medium, wire-working techniques will be used for connections in jewelry and alternative surfaces.  Beads, hardware store, electronic salvage and recycled items will also be offered to students to explore for surface design and parts and pieces for their work.  Students will become comfortable using the propane torch and will learn a variety of low-tech metal smith techniques, patinas, encaustic, weaving, surface burnout and more.  This course is very individualized and will allow each student to take the techniques and materials offered to pursue their desired direction.   Students will make both finished pieces and samples using a variety of techniques and apply them to their artwork.

Students are encouraged to bring bits of stuff.  Keep in mind when deciding what to bring, that both jewelry and surface design will be explored through metal techniques and metal pieces. So any metal materials, found items and recycled finds would be perfect to incorporate.  Repetition is often used in surface design, so bring many of one item to create textures and patterns.  Pods, rocks, shells, sticks, and glass are usually free for the gathering and these all work well for jewelry and surface embellishment.  There will be a wide variety of techniques to learn and students can choose one or many to use and incorporate into their projects during the week. 

Skill level required:  All levels welcome

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