Monoleena Banerjee - Control Dyeing Unleash Imagination 

Indigo Catechu dress at Japan Fashion ShowTHE RAINBOW ROUNDS Dyed with Seven hues of Natural dyes Art TextileTree Of Life a tribute to Gustav KlimtIndigo catechue dyed patch scroll and increcate indigo shibori at display during SUTRA conference exhibition 2014Laheria patch scrolllaheria scarf Multicolor Natural dyed Shibori scarves1 Multicolor shibori scarf Natural dyed reversible art textile at display 2010Natural dyed Shibori Scrollnatural dyed shibori stole

 An unique opportunity to learn and practice heritage methods of resist dyeing techniques from oriental countries like India and Japan. The amazing techniques from the countries enriched world textile history with their exuberant presence by creating magnificent textile for ages.

This workshop is a gateway for a fresher to enter into the wonderful world of natural dyes and shibori; as the same time this workshop is a place where an experienced can explore more advanced techniques of shibori and multicolor dyeing with natural dyes.

Technical steps includes in this workshop: 

1] Introduction to Indian Leheria (tie & dye) Resist dyeing 

2] Introduction to Japanese Shibori by different hand stitching Techniques.

3] Hands on dyeing with each technique with natural dyes.

4] Practice of innovative multicolor dyeing sessions.

This workshop also provides the chance of enriching your “on hands” experience of Yellow, Green, Grey, Brown dye color extraction process from natural colors such as

Marigold flower [Tagetes erecta]

Pomegranate, [Punica granatum]

Myrobalan [Terminali chebula]

Catechu [Acacia catechu]

And learn most exciting multicolor resist dyeing techniques to create rainbow of colors on cloth like painting.

Students can create their textiles such as scarves, stoles or Art textiles using these resist techniques! Student will have to hand stitch [basic running stitch] to create design on cloth! The images provided here just to have an idea of esthetics of color play and design ambience! If student wants they can learn and repeat the designs shown here but there are more chances of experimenting with their creativity with the guidance of experienced teacher where their imagination will be their limitation but nothing else!

“This workshop will make you feel that the traditional techniques and natural colors are not out dated at all!! It is still up to us if we can use them interestingly, these heritage methods and applications still can create marvelous contemporary textiles.” --- Monoleena Banerjee.

Skill level required:  All levels welcome

Please note there is an additional International Tutor Fee of $80.

Residential  Shared $109o

(All meals included)

Residential  Single $1190

Non- residential $690

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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