Vicki Mason - Jewellery from roller printed metal 1

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Have fun learning how to imprint textures/patterns and designs onto sheet metal that can then be turned into jewellery or used in mixed media works. Participants will become confident using a rolling mill - specialist machinery belonging to the jewellery field.

Students will learn to create metal sandwiches that when compressed in the mills imprint and emboss their chosen designs, patterns and textures onto sheet metal. After creating a series of samples with the tutor, participants will then go on to explore the technique to create their own patterns and designs for printing. Building confidence in handling gas torches safely for annealing and mastering basic jewellery making techniques will enable students to work safely as well as improve their skills in working metals over the span of the week. 

Learners will become confident in transferring shapes to metal, loading and using a jeweller saw, filing, sanding, using a flexi shaft drill to drill holes and polish metal as well as using goldsmithing pliers. Blackening metal with liver of sulphur and preserving this patina will also be covered. 

This workshop does not cover soldering metals, but focusses on the roller printing process and the workability of the printed sheet metal. The importance of the design process in creating functional jewels will also be explored. 

You will walk away with timeless, well-crafted and designed works to be proud of. All skill levels will enjoy this workshop but it is important you are reasonably fit as using the mills requires some physical effort.

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Non- residential $720

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