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Aly de Groot

Aly de Groot is an award winning contemporary fibre artist from Northern Australia who takes the traditions of basket-making into unexpected places.

She uses marine debris, including fishing line and nets, to produce woven objects that weave the tragic tale of sea life in the plastic age. The spirit of her woven pieces are sometimes captured as ethereal works on paper and fabric using cyanotype (sun-printing processes).

Her woven forms have been immortalized in bronze as a series of monumental public sculptures celebrating sea animals in various locations across the nation.

Aly relishes any opportunity to share her love for contemporary fibre art practices, including basketry, plant dying, cyanotype (sun printing) and slow stitching.

A passionate and generous mentor, she has facilitated hundreds of workshops over the past 20 years at schools, prisons, hospitals, universities and remote Indigenous communities.

Since 2017 she has worked at Anindilyakwa Arts Aboriginal Art Centre on Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpenteria, working with the women artists there to develop a successful dying and ghost net weaving social enterprise.

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