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Dale Rollerson

Dale Rollerson is a textile artist, teacher and writer who swears she was born with a pair of knitting needles in her hands. She has been playing with fibres and threads all of her life and is well known for her innovative approach to all the activities she indulges in.

Dale is an extensive proponent of textile art in Australia and she has broken the boundaries as a pioneer in this arena moving textile art away from the ‘craft’ notion. She has introduced many new products and ideas to the Australasian scene.

She has taught a number of very popular on-line and in-the-flesh workshops. As a teacher she likes to encourage people to explore their own ideas and not to slavishly follow what they see. Her philosophy is always to explore and play. She has been teaching since 1974.

I expect like any creative person there is a need to create – I would be unhappy if I could not. I have a head full of ideas, I keep a journal and many notebooks and I jot down things all the time. I collect stuff relating to an idea or a topic I might be thinking of and work on many themes at a time. I tend to work in themes and use my travel as a source of inspiration many times.

I expect we are all influenced by our surroundings and what we see, hear and expose ourselves to every day – I like to observe people and objects, but I get bored easily and move on. I like to experiment with different media.
I am not really very self-disciplined but there is a need to create – and like anyone I get creative blocks. How do I know a piece is finished – not sure you ever do but it is probably a feeling of satisfaction. My works are not deep and meaningful – I love colour and pattern - but the work I do must be mine and not use other people’s ideas or things.

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