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Keith Lo Bue - The Chamber of Secrets

We all have secrets, big and small, real or imagined, that can be given an interior space to be protected and contemplated.  Join renowned found-object artist and ‘stuffsmith’ Keith Lo Bue in an exclusive new exploration of these compelling hidden spaces.

To launch the workshop and inspire your own creative path, Lo Bue will present a fascinating tour through a rich history of optical toys and diversions. Then, beginning with a simple enclosure and lenses, and through carefully considered combinations of found materials you’ll bring along, you will assemble intriguing optical devices, through which real or imagined stories can be viewed. A mysterious and intimate dialogue then occurs between object and viewer. All along the way, important techniques of assembly, design, alteration and embellishment inherent to found-object artwork will be covered in detail.

Regardless of your skill level, you will leave this eye-opening experience having been the architect, with your own hands, heart and mind, of your own chamber of secrets.

Student Requirement List

Class Fee $600


Residential Shared $700
(All meals included)
Residential Single $800
(All meals included)
Non- residential $280
(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning/afternoon tea and dinner on Party Night)

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