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Liz Evans - Not So Plain Weave and Beyond

Plain weave is the simplest of all weave structures and when combined with the versatile weaving power of the Rigid Heddle loom, the resulting cloth is anything but plain and simple. 

 In this experimental class students will explore the creative use of colour and texture with the plain weave structure to make patterns and textured surfaces in their cloth. 

A wide range of yarns will be used: smooth, textured, thick, thin, shiny, matt, art and novelty yarns, hand spun yarns, yarns that shrink and yarns that don’t, plus other materials such as torn fabric, ribbons, paper and anything else you would like to try. These can be combined in infinite variety of ways, in both warp and weft, to create weaves that are original and exciting. 

We will look at ways to break up the woven grid with some fun tools and techniques and stretch the plain weave boundaries with inlay, hatching, supplemental warps and anything else that we can think of. 
Useful tips and tricks, troubleshooting for those inevitable mistakes and techniques for a professional finish will be included.

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate.

Student Requirement List

Class Fee $600


Residential Shared $700
(All meals included)
Residential Single $800
(All meals included)
Non- residential $280
(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning/afternoon tea and dinner on Party Night)

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