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Suzanne Gummow - Embellishment Galore

Don’t we just love that extra embellishment?

Embellishment: a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive

In this workshop you will experiment, play and work on a series of embellished exercises and samplers that can be added to your quilts, art works, mixed media, books, or clothing using a variety of manipulation techniques using both hand and machine stitch.

Every day you will be creating a few exercises and samplers covering some of these techniques
- cords, tassels, braids, fringes, motifs, beading, fabric beads, stitching as decoration and more. These will be directed exercises to increase your creative juices and you will see how embellishment will or can transform your work. We will discuss how you can add these into your own Artwork for future use.

You will learn new techniques, design and colour elements and also discover unexpected combinations and constraints. This may give you a new direction for your future Artworks.

It will be a challenge to your creative self and I promise it will be
FUN so join me…

This class is for you!!

Skill level required: Students will need to have experience with general sewing and know their sewing machine

Student Requirement List

Class Fee $600


Residential Shared $700
(All meals included)
Residential Single $800
(All meals included)
Non- residential $280
(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning/afternoon tea and dinner on Party Night)

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Susanne Gummow

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