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Tamara Russell - Textile Kintsugi - a smashing good time

In this class we will be using the principles of Kintsugi to have a smashing good time! Kintsugi is a Japanese repair method which I have adapted as a process to recreate discarded ceramics. Using silk and/or cotton textiles we will wrap broken pieces and reassemble them with stitch, enhancing the breaks.

The philosophy of Kintsugi is that an object is sometimes broken but that this is part of its life, and rather than throw it away it can be repaired and the cracks remain to show its history. As with traditional Kintsugi, the aim here is to celebrate the imperfections, recreating the ceramic to become more interesting for its irregularities giving the object a new lease of life that becomes more refined thanks to its ‘scars’.

No experience is necessary – just the ability to thread a needle!

All experience levels welcome

Student Requirement List

Class Fee $600


Residential Shared $700
(All meals included)
Residential Single $800
(All meals included)
Non- residential $280
(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning/afternoon tea and dinner on Party Night)

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